Client Programs

Client Programs – Mountain Share Transfer

Mountain Share Transfer is dedicated to maintaining and providing maximum flexibility in its client programs.  Mountain Share Transfer has always taken a great deal of pride in the flexibility it has offered to its clients.  Our recent move to Atlanta, Georgia allowed us to be able to expand the range of services offered to our clients and increase our flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients.

Large Cap Company Program: 

Mountain Share Transfer offers a full-line of services to large cap companies including full access to the DTC DRS System and FAST/DWAC Services as well a dividend payment and our full suite of services.

 Small  & Micro Cap Company Program: 

Mountain Share Transfer offers its small and micro cap clients the ability to pick  ‘a la carte’ from our full suite of services those services that they feel will best meet the needs of the shareholders.  This allows Mountain Share Transfer to our clients and stay within their budgetary requirements.

 Private Company and Low Activity Program:

Mountain Share Transfer recognizes that many public companies with a low level of activity as well as many publicly traded companies do not require electronic processing and other items that can increase their shareholder expenses.  As a result, we can custom tailor our services to fit their needs and budgetary requirements.