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Publicease is a full service EDGAR filing agent that continually strives to offer the highest quality, cost-effective and unsurpassed customer service available. Services include EDGARization into ASCII or HTML from Word, Word Perfect, PowerPoint or PDF formats. The company also provide XBRL services to its clients. Publicease XBRL is a full service solution, which combines hands-on experience of its CPA’s and employees with advanced technology to ensure your filings are accurate, complete and on time every time.

Mountain Share Transfer Adds Edgarization Services with Public Ease

Mountain Share Transfer is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with EDGAR and XBRL filing agent firm Publicease, Inc., (www.publicease.com) whereby clients of Mountain Share Transfer who utilize the services of Publicease are able to have a portion of their edgarization and XBRL fees credited towards their transfer agencies fees with Mountain Share Transfer.