Mountain Share Transfer Relocates to Atlanta, Ga.

Mountain Share Transfer Relocates to Atlanta, Georgia

Mountain Share Transfer is very proud to announce that it has relocated from its longtime home in metro Denver, Colorado to Atlanta,  Georgia.  Founded in 1998, Mountain Share Transfer has been a full-service stock transfer agent and registrar that provided stock transfer agent services to publicly traded and privately held companies from its home location in the Denver, Colorado suburb of Broomfield, Colorado.

In September of 2012,  Mountain Share Transfer relocated to the historic Vinings area of Atlanta,  Georgia.  The move to Atlanta has allowed Mountain Share Transfer to expand its offices and increase the services to our clients.

Please be sure to note our new addresses as the they changed with the move.  Our updated addresses can be found on our contact page.   Please note that our telephone # remains the same at (303)-460-1149.  Our updated fax # is (404)-816-8830.

In the future,  Mountain Share Transfer will be implementing full electronic transfer services, and well as an innovative edgarization and XBRL agreement for its clients.  We are looking forward to announcing these new services to our clients.

Additionally Mountain Share Transfer plans to continue its long standing tradition of offering flexible solutions to client companies all along the spectrum of size and need of transfer agent services.

Please feel free to contact our offices with any questions or inquiries.